The plays that get your Paid come from my Syndicate Group spread across the country and offshore. My team works together for the interest of one thing and that's to Win BIG! Our Syndicate Group is large but we have Key Players that make us who we are. Don't Be suprised when we release a Hot Tip if you see the Line Move a few points. When you Get our Play Don't waste time in Putting it in. Time is Money and you Don't want to Get Burnt on a Line Move. Our Team will make you Money. Our Goal is to get as Much action on our release's as Possible. Cash out week after week. Make Money Now!

Our New York City Syndicate gets word when the Big Shot Bookies need to lay off their bets, All this Action goes through him and he let's us know which way to take the game.

Our Chicago Wise Guy sees where all the money is going throughout the East Coast, Any Bet Over $100,000 is place he knows about it.

Our Offshore Connect in Costa Rica has access to the sum of money being pooled on every Side and Total on the Board for the Day.

West Coast Sydnicate is right on the Boarder of Californina closest to Las Vegas only a 30 Minute drive to the Sports book. When he gets word from our Sydnicate he drives to 5 Different Sports Books to spread out our Wager. He controls every Local Bookie in the Entire State of Cali.

Our Most Important Syndicate but of course is our Las Vegas Legend. He is the Inside Man to the entire Group. He has his Ears in every Sports Books in Every Casino in Las Vegas. He has guys & ladies working as Tellers, Valet service, Pitt Boss, Floor Managers and Dealers. When he gets wind of a Tip he makes sure if Legit and then we go to Work.






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